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Light on embodied practices & Chinese medicine

Where: The Arlington Center, 369 Mass Avenue, Arlington, MA 02474
When: Saturday workshop Saturday, November 2,2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Public. Hosted by Ruth Knill Lic.Ac.
BKS Iyengar was famous for introducing props and precise alignment instructions to yoga. He was also noted for the subtle way he evoked different anatomical parts to integrate the whole body in Asana - for example, aligning the 4 corners of the knee or bifurcating the armpit. In this series, we will explore alignment concepts using the tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine: yin yang in skillful proportion, encompassing the 5 elements and 12 meridians. This complementary perspective of yin yang will deepen your experience of alignment and energy in yoga. Each class will emphasize a different yin yang pair of meridians, fostering a vital, balanced, and intuitive practice.
Cost: $15 or class card at the door.
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