Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs and other herbal supplements have been used in Chinese medicine since thousands of years. Chinese herb therapy has a low risk of adverse reaction or side effects, especially in comparison with pharmaceutical drugs.

Huang Qin = Scute, Scullcap

Use: Clears heat dries dampness from the lung, for cough with yellow sputum, red tongue yellow greasy coating.
Clears liver fire for anxiety with irritability, temporal headache.
Clears heat in the intestines for diarrhea with odor, burning sensation.
Calm the fetus- for preventing miscarriage

Dang Gui = Angelica Sinensis

Use: Promotes circulation of blood for gynecological disorders e.g. dysmenorrhea.
Tonifies blood regulate menses.
Moistens intestines for hard stools.

Gui Zhi = Cinnamon Twig

Use: Releases exterior wind-cold for cold and flu with body aches, chills.
Warms and unblocks the channels- for pain with cold sensations
Warms and unblocks the chest- for tightness in the chest.

Huang Qi = Astragalus

Use: Strengthens the spleen, tonifies the Qi.
Promotes urination to release edema.
Raises the Yang for prolapse.
Strengthen the exterior- increases immunity.

Bai Zhu = Atractylodes

Use: Strengthens the spleen, dries dampness.
Promotes urination to release edema.
Calms the fetus to prevent miscarriage.
Strengthens the exterior- increases immunity.

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