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Sign up for a herbal internship at Pathways for Wellness.

Ruth Knill is supervising. She has been Dr. Tao's second-in-command for a few years now, and has vast experience serving our clientele.

This internship will be a private learning experience for you and will carry CEUs. It is our hope that the diverse clientele you see here will provide you with an excellent learning opportunity. The clinic runs on Mondays from 12-4 PM for 12 weeks.

A testimonial: "My experience in the herbal clinic at Pathways with Ruth Knill was extremely valuable. After two semesters of interning I felt confident enough to practice herbs on my own, safely and effectively. It also made passing my NCCAOM herbal exam very easy. Initially the clinic was challenging, since the way formulas are prescribed is a bit different than that taught at NESA. Ruth's way of teaching is clear and effective and she facilitates a good balance of question and answer time, discussion and participation from each member of the group. Topics covered include ways to question patients appropriately for effective diagnosis, common formulas and herbs used, "commercial" herbs used for particular conditions and the different diagnoses for common health complaints. The clinic is generally busy and a wide variety of health conditions are seen. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to make the leap from being a student to practicing herbs independently. "

For more information please contact:

Angela Caggianelli
Director of Programs
Pathways to Wellness
(617) 859-3036 Ext. 32

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